Event Management Suite

Tickerts is an array of tools to help you create, sell, and host your next successful event.

No Coding

Tickerts is a form driven application, allowing you to fill out your event and ticket information, select a few options, and be up and running in a customized look to fit your style with minimal effort on your part. Learn more...

Mobile Friendly

Our responsive design ensures that your audience will see your event pages the way you mean, no matter the size or type of device they choose to browse with. Learn more...

Unique Styles

MTickerts offers many designs to choose from when building your event page, with more coming soon. Don't see anything you like, or need something specific? Just ask and our team will customize your guests experience to meet your design needs. Learn more...


From the ticket layout to your event logos, to your own descriptions and fees. Pass along not only our costs, but add in any other organizer or venue per ticket fees you like in our simple interface, along with collecting the appropriate sale tax. You can also choose to absorb the fees for your customer and keep pricing simple.

Custom Timers

Give a custom amount of time to complete a purchase to ensure availability for others in high demand events. Easily choose when tickets go on and off sale, set minimum quantity to purchase, and maximum quantity to sell, to automate promotions like Early Bird sales, limited availability, and package pricing.

Display Messages

Communicate important information during the checkout process with messages that can be displayed before the checkout button is clicked, right after the sale, and even set your event to off-line payment mode to give instructions for guests to pay cash on arrival or via mail or Paypal, etc.

Manage Attendees

When a ticket is generated, the ticket holder is automatically added to the attendees list and marked as paid or awaiting payment. The searchable list can easily be used by your event staff to determine if payment is needed and to track who's already inside.

Simple Communication

As people sign up for your event, they are emailed their tickets, and their email addresses are saved in our system, sortable by their ticket type. Needing to send a message to everyone, or just a certain group, becomes a simple task that can be handled right inside our interface.

Easy Statistics

Tickerts convenient dashboard keeps track of how many people view your event vs. how many actual tickets are sold, and presents this information in an easy to read breakdown by ticket type, making it quick and easy to see what's performing the best, allowing adjustments to be made.

Be Social

Simple integration of your Twitter feed on your organizer page lets you and your marketing team keep your page up to date without doing anything more than they already do. We also include sharing links for your visitors to easily share your event page on multiple platforms.

Website Integration

In addition to generating an event page you can give out directly, Tickerts generates iframe code for you to seamlessly integrate our platform with your existing website, allowing customers to purchase tickets for your event directly on your page.

Security Minded

From the QR coded, serialized tickets, to the end to end encryption of our event platform, we aim to keep your guests information secure while giving your event staff the tools they need to avoid ticket fraud.

Fast Payment

Tickerts checkout system allow your customers to quickly and easily input their payment information, then duplicate it to their individual tickets and make changes as needed.

Ticket Options

Hosting a reception with a meal and need to know if the guest wants chicken, fish, or vegetarian? Simple questions can be assigned and asked per ticket when your guests register.

Import Data

Import guest lists in a simple format, then choose to mark them paid or leave them awaiting payment. Optionally send them their tickets with a click of a button.

Guest List

Add attendees though our simple interface without requiring them to fill out the event form for will-call or mark them paid as a free guest.

Track Affiliates

Generate simple custom links for your sales people, affiliates, and promoters to easily see how they're performing.

Export Data

Export your attendee data quickly and easily to several formats for integration with other tools you may already be using.

$ 6

Free Events

Tickerts gives you a dedicated, scalable server for your event management needs. Despite the available power of our platform to handle mass traffic, most events never need more than our base availability. Hosting starts at only $6/mo and you're only charged for what you need.


Paid Events

When you host a paid event with the Tickerts platform, you can choose to pass along the Tickerts fees as a service charge to your customers. When you choose to pass along these fees, we'll credit $0.50 per ticket to your hosting costs, leaving your event with nothing out of pocket in most cases.

       3.2 %
+ $ 1.49

Processing Fees

Tickerts processing fees include the cost of the platform and our services as well as the ability to process all major credit cards and receive funds dispersed to multiple payees if needed.

Regular Questions

Tickerts is a new Event Management Platform being developed to help organizers and venues promote, sell, and operate their events. Current features include simple, easy to generate organizer and event pages, creation of as many ticket types as needed for your event including QR or barcode scanning ability for finding the ticket holder on the attendees management list, credit card processing, the ability to accept cash sales at a will-call desk, email delivery of tickets and tracking of who's paid, and statistics of event views, and purchase breakdowns.

Tickerts charges a hosting fee starting at $6 per month for the site itself, plus 3.2% of each sale and $1.49 per ticket sold. These fees include all credit card processing fees and the costs associated with operating and maintaining the service.

Most event organizers opt to pass their fees along to their customers. In addition to not having to pay our service fees out of pocket, $0.50 of each ticket fee will be credited towards your hosting fees, meaning as long as you're selling tickets, you're probably not paying us anything.


We're still in development, and working hard to bring you industry leading features in the near future.

Take a look below to see the road map of features to come.

Payment Plans

We'd like to offer the ability for your guests to reserve their tickets with a deposit, and make payments over time to get them paid off by the day of the event, without having to pay everything upfront the moment the tickets go on sale. This function would include an additional service charge which would be shared with the organizer.

Multiple Users

Currently, anyone with a login to your organizer platform can modify the events and tickets. In the future we envision a hierarchy of permissions allowing for managers, customer service, security, and regular event staff to have logins allowing only features pertaining to their function.

Delete Events

Currently you can publish or un-publish events to your organizer page, but if you mess up and need an event removed permanently you'd need to contact support. We're going to update this to allow organizers to at least archive events so they don't show up on their dashboards.

Android App

Currently you can utilize our responsive platform in any android device to log in to your dashboard and verify ticket holders on the guest list. We'd like to build a stand alone android app which is capable of downloading a finalized and locked guest list for events where signal won't be available.

Ticket Relationships

Currently you can specify a maximum availability for ticket sales per ticket. We'd like to update this function to include the ability to have one ticket sale effect another ticket types availability. For example, purchasing a weekend pass would reduce quantity of Saturday and Sunday tickets as well.


In addition to allowing customers to update their ticket holder information, we'd like to give organizers the ability to allow returns, exchanges, and/or resales of their tickets. Resales would increase availability of limited quantity tickets and sell after tickets would otherwise be sold out.


We're exploring options for creating separate add-ons for tickets so event goers can customize their experience. Add-ons would be different from regular tickets in that they would require regular tickets and would optionally not charge venue or organizer fees.

Per Recipient Ticketing

Currently, when multiple tickets are purchased, the tickets are issued in each attendees name, but are sent only to the purchaser. We'd like to update this to send each attendee their individual ticket via email as well, so the purchaser doesn't have to forward them or meet with them.

Various Fees

Currently we offer a customizable sales tax for the platform, plus a percentage and dollar value per ticket for passing along fees to customers. We plan to change this to tax per venue and allow separate venue, organizer, and Tickerts fees.

Event Info Page

In the future, we'd like to offer the ability to generate separate event info and ticket pages to give a cleaner look to organizers who will be using our platform as a standalone product or with social media alone.

Functionality Improvements

Currently the platform would allow a customer to specify more tickets than are available for purchase, then alert them when they checkout. This is one of our functions that needs a little work. We're a work in progress, and we'll get there.

Coupon Codes

Currently the only discounts supported are issuing free tickets or using timers to lower or raise prices automatically. We'd like to add coupon code integration for offering discounts, including quantity limits and one-time use codes.

Seating Assignments

In the somewhat distant future we'd like to offer the ability to customize your venue options with seating arrangements and types, then assign them to ticket types, so that guests can see availability and select their own seats.

Purchaser Logins

In the future, we'd like to make it possible for the ticket purchaser to login and manage their own tickets. Currently if an attendee name must be changed, the organizer must do so.

Custom Organizer Page

We intend to expand the functionality of the organizer page and include more customization options such as backgrounds and/or full graphic headers.


We'd like to make this a complete marketing suite by having your event page generate templates for custom fliers of multiple sizes which could be posted or passed out.

URL Shortening

We'd like to offer shorter URL's for affiliate links, and possibly for event and organizer links, to avoid confusion in various scenarios.

Design Upgrade

We may look at creating additional customizations for ticket creation, namely full background design, and ticket field modifications.

Badges and Passes

We'd like to add the ability to generate staff badges and back stage passes using your flier or ticket styles.


We'd like to offer the ability to add a survey at the end of the ticket order page, or via email to some or all of your guests.

Recurring Events

We plan to offer the option to clone events for those of you who wish to offer regularly recurring events.


If you'd like to use Tickerts for your event, or just want to know about or suggest a feature, drop us a line.

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